Tips for Making your Pantry Ingredients Go Further – Part 2

More recipes and creative ideas to turn a well-stocked pantry into healthy, delicious home cooked meals for the whole family.  

  1. Use those random ingredients hiding in your pantry. 

Pull out that bag or can of “whatever” you bought ages ago but never used. Search for a recipe online and try something new. Chia seeds, hemp hearts, psyllium husk, linseeds – are any of these sitting in your pantry waiting to be used? Then this Life Changing Loaf with Hemp Hearts is for you!

Quinoa, kale powder or tinned salmon in your pantry? Try these Quinoa Salmon Muffins with Spinach & Dill.  Who knows, you may find your new favourite!

2.     Soups, soups, soups!

Soups are perfect for using up less than perfect vegetables and for nourishing your body. A general rule of thumb is to include vegetables, a protein – like pulses or beans and a stock flavouring such as organic stock cubes, bone broth, miso and spices and you have a healthy meal simmering away.

Cuisines from around the world offer a variety of soup flavours, so soup on the weekly menu never needs to be boring. Try this Moroccan Harira Soup, this easy Mexican Tomato Soup or Corn, Kale & Potato Soup

3.     Get creative for breakfast.

Organic oats are a filling, nutritious and inexpensive breakfast option, which is probably why they are so popular. Flourless Pumpkin & Oat Muffins and Healthy Homemade Muesli are two of our favourite recipes. Another satisfying way to start the day are with chia seeds, which are a great source of omega-3, antioxidants and fibre.  Try this Berry & Chia Pudding or Overnight Chia Oats

This seasonal Spiced Apple & Feijoa Brown Rice Porridge makes a delicious gluten free breakfast or change things up with this Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl. Maybe all you need is a new toast topping, such as tahini and hemp seeds or miso and avocado.

If you run out of flour, try this Paleo Bread using hemp flour. Or simply cut up a boiled egg, half an avocado and mix with olive oil, salt and pepper for a filling breakfast. 

4.     Make the most of leftovers. 

Making a big meal takes a lot of preparation and clean up. If you can, make enough for another meal, this saves time, energy and ingredients. A good way to do this is to use additional vegetables than what’s called for, add a tin of beans or serve with a filler like rice, bread or baked potatoes. If you cook a big pot of rice, this is perfect for fried rice the next day or even a treat like rice pudding. 

This Sweet Potato Beef Lasagne with Spinach may take a bit longer to prep, but it makes a large dish that can provide extra meals (add a can of beans to extend it further).  

Preparing nourishing meals with what is in your pantry can be economical, rewarding and delicious. Be kind to yourself and realistic with what you can achieve in the time you have.  


Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chopped Tomatoes