Fuelling families and protecting the planet

True nutrition since 1978

It all started, as many great stories do, with a group of people passionate about making a change for the better. In 1978, some Hawke’s Bay families formed a co-operative to source the organic, natural whole foods they couldn’t find in supermarkets.

Bringing our food to New Zealand
As more families joined, the co-op evolved into a business, giving us the chance to make our organic food available to more New Zealanders around the country. Today, Chantal Organics distributes to grocery and health food stores all over the country, and wins awards for our organic spreads, cereals and sauces – still made right here in sunny Hawke’s Bay.

Deep commitment to people and planet
As it was when we began, Chantal Organics is deeply committed to bettering the world, leading the way by supporting sustainable and organic farming to protect our planet and nourish our people.


At Chantal Organics, we have a single focus: to turn the food category on its head, replacing processed products, stuffed with preservatives and additives, with organic food that’s still close to nature.

That’s because mother nature has it right, with a perfect balance of nutrients and flavours that simply can’t be replicated in a lab. So, our mission is to bring you only the best, organically-grown ingredients, just as nature intended.


The Chantal Organics Difference

After 40 years in making and distributing organic food in New Zealand, we know that capturing the genius of nature
is as simple as leaving it alone.

Grow foods in rich, healthy soil without synthetic sprays and pesticides, then bottle, can or cook them just as they are.
That doesn’t just make for healthier people, it also helps preserve our planet for the next generations.

Eating organic food has many benefits such as reducing the amount of harmful pesticides you and your family eat on a daily basis, as well as having increased antioxidant content. You can learn more about the benefits of eating organic food on our blog

Our commitment to sustainability

Supporting sustainable farming practice is only one way Chantal Organics is committed to protecting our earth. We consistently review our processes and products to discover new opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint.

Often, these small changes can add up to big effects.

There’s still so much work to be done, but we’ll be there every step of the way, helping inspire other companies, communities and individuals to do their part.

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