Introducing the new EASY BOWL - a convenient, healthy and tasty lunch, side dish or hearty bite on-the-go. Made with organic couscous, a variety of NZ grown organic vegetables and our own blend of aromatic herbs and spices, the Easy Bowl is easily prepared and ready in just 5 minutes.



We are thrilled to announce our organic corn puffs have won 2 medals at The Outstanding Food Producers Awards 2024! The Bang Bang BBQ Corn Puffs won a gold medal, and the Churro Style Corn Puffs won a silver. That’s two wins for each, but who’s counting!?


Probiotic Banana & Cinnamon Easy Oats

Warm up this winter with our popular Probiotic Banana & Cinnamon Easy Oats. Dairy free, low in sugar, and super yummy, this on-the-go cup is perfect to send with the kiddos, eat in the office, or have for an anytime snack.

Unleash your genius with these nature-inspired recipes

Bolognese Chilli
Speedy Bolognese chilli is a budget friendly recipe that’s suitable for the whole family. Inspired by chilli con carne, this mixed bean, garlic, and corn mix features Bolognese pasta sauce for a tasty twist. Topped with sour cream, cheese, chilli, and coriander. 
Arrabbiata Pasta Bake
A comforting family favourite made with budget-friendly ingredients and a deliciously spicy Italian tomato-based sauce. This arrabbiata pasta bake is quick and easy to throw together, making it a perfect weekday dinner. 
Easy Chicken Cacciatore
This rustic Italian dish is super easy to whip up for a hearty weeknight meal. Choose Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce for a spicier option, or No Added Sugar Bolognese to please the whole family. If you require more servings, simply increase the amount of chicken and vegetables.
Cocoa Crunch & Raspberry Granola Chia Parfait
This indulgent, yet nutritious parfait is easy to make and well worth the wait. Prep the night before and it’s quick to put together in the morning. The chia seeds offer a great source of plant-based omega-3.
Warm Waiporoporo Potato Salad with Crispy Lentils
This potato salad is tossed with a vinaigrette and topped with crispy lentils and fresh herbs, for the perfect summer side dish. The Waiporoporo potato is a traditional Maori variety that is great tasting and full of flavour. It’s delicious boiled or roasted and well suited for salads. 
Breakfast Spinach Crêpes
Homemade, open style, wholemeal, spinach crepes topped with warmed baked beans, grilled mushrooms, spinach, avocado and hash browns. Garnished with parsley. 
Over 40 years supporting people and planet
Always free from preservatives and GMOs
Family owned

A healthier future for you and the planet

Organic food isn’t just about healthy, delicious food – it’s the centre of powerful change at every level.

It helps preserve precious resources, biodiversity, soil health and fragile ecosystems while promoting a healthier future for your family, farmers and ultimately, the planet.



A new level of nourishment – your next family favourite could start with one of ours.

Organic ingredients for wholesome home baking.
Beans & Legumes
Use beans and legumes to boost your meals with plant-based protein.
Choose from our range of keto, gluten free or oat based granola or grab an Easy Oats Cup for on-the-go.
Epsom Salts
Epsom salts are not actually a salt, but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate that has a shape resembling salt.
Gluten Free
Explore our extensive range of gluten free products.
Pantry Staples
Find a range of organic pantry staples to make healthy, filling meals for your family.
Prepared Meals
Whether you want a light lunch, side dish or a hearty bite in-between, our Easy Bowls are flavourful, easily prepared and ready in just 5 minutes!
Sauces & Seasonings
Our range of organic sauces add a depth of flavour to your favourite meals.
Seeds & Powders
Boost your favourite recipes with nutrient rich seeds and powders.
Satisfy your snacking desire with one of our delicious, exciting, and naturally great tasting snacks.
Our delicious range of organic spreads are made by our team in Hawke's Bay.

Our mission:
clean, wholesome food in every cupboard

Imagine a world where our children grow up on clean, chemical-free whole foods, and where we nourish our minds and bodies with the essential nutrients they crave.

We believe the results could be profound and wide-reaching.

That simple but audacious mission is why we do what we do – to help you swap processing and preservatives for nature and nourishment, straight from the earth to you. Organic food, made even more wonderful.

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