Keto and Low Sugar Breakfast Inspiration

Start your day right with a low carb, higher fat breakfast, to supercharge your energy and sharpen your focus.  

Whether you’re an early bird or you prefer waiting until mid-morning to break-the-fast, a tasty and filling meal is what makes breakfast satisfying. 

A healthy breakfast sets the stage for a healthy day of eating by supporting good food choices throughout the day. Eating a balanced breakfast also restores the body’s energy after a night’s fast. 

Why Choose a Keto Breakfast?  

In general, a keto diet is a low-carb and low-sugar, high-fat eating plan. For more details, have a quick read of our blog Why the Keto Diet has Become so Popular. A keto breakfast is a great way to start the day. The key is to keep it low-carb and low-sugar, while packed with protein and healthy fats. This will help you feel satiated all morning. 

What Does a Keto Breakfast Look Like?  

For many, it can be a challenge to let go of the traditional breakfast of oats or toast.  Here are 5 keto breakfast ideas to awaken your breakfast creativity.  

  1. Savoury Breakfast Options

Eggs are a great place to start. The humble hardboiled egg is great to grab and go. Alternatively, build a veggie bowl around it for a larger meal. A keto breakfast cup using eggs as the base creates endless options. Think single serve frittatas, topped with kimchi, or made with bacon, spinach and cheese. For a bigger brunch option, make a breakfast burrito with your choice of meat, avocado, salsa and sauerkraut.

2. The “Bulletproof” Keto Coffee 

You may be asking what a keto coffee is and how it can be considered breakfast? It’s a supercharged coffee that includes high quality organic coffee beans, coconut oil or MCT oil, and a high-quality, grass-fed butter (or more coconut oil for a dairy free option). The healthy fats will help keep you satiated, while also keeping you in ketosis.  The butter makes the coffee super creamy. Altogether, this supercharged drink can boost your energy and kick start your brain. Give this recipe a try. 

3. The Amazing Chia Seed 

Looking for a vegan start to the day? Chia seeds offer a plant-based source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre. When soaked, they also create a delicious ‘pudding’ breakfast. Try this Berry & Chia Pudding recipe. Berries tend to be lower in sugar and carbs, making them more keto-friendly than other fruits. Berries are also packed with antioxidants.

4. Organic Keto Granola 

Too busy? For a bit of convenience, try the new Chantal Organics Probiotic Cacao & Coconut Keto Granola for an easy and delicious keto breakfast. It’s deliciously crispy and crunchy from its unique mix of pea protein crisps, coconut flakes, and nuts & seeds.  We made this organic keto granola to support your fast-paced, keto lifestyle. It’s low in sugar and lower in carbs, yet packed full of scrumptious flavour.

What exactly is a lower carb granola? 

Our research shows, granola with a base of nuts and seeds is lower in carbohydrates by at least 70% than a traditional oat-based granola. 

Take your snacking up a level by using Cacao & Coconut Keto Granola to make Keto Snickers or Keto Chocolate Bombs. 

5. Making a Keto Smoothie

The key to a keto smoothie is making it low carb and low sugar. Bananas and apples are too high in natural carbs and sugar, so leave these out. Instead choose ingredients that are high in fibre and healthy fats, such as berries, cacao powder, avocado, spinach, nut butters, chia seeds, protein power and coconut.  If you want a bit more guidance, try this Keto Berry Smoothie

If you want to give the keto diet a go, breakfast is an easy and attainable starting point.  Swap your current breakfast with one of the ideas above. Make note of how you feel with the change. If you have any of your own go-to keto recipes, share them with us over on Facebook or Instagram


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