Four Corners Organics

Meet the family who is passionate about growing great tasting, organic produce in a lush valley of the Wairarapa.  

This certified organic, family farm began in 2008 by Jos and his wife Rita, who set out with a vision to work with the land to grow healthy food for their family. Years later, this established and well-tended farm provides organic produce nationwide. The success comes from a great team, which now includes their two sons Hendrik and Abraham.

In the hot summers, Jos and his family grow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes; in the cold winters they focus on Chinese cabbage, celery and lettuce, all of which they have supplied to Chantal Organics for over 6 years.

Four Corners Organics is certified organic by BioGro. Jos tells us that starting with healthy soil is the key to producing tasty produce. He explains how he teams up with nature to produce his premium produce.

They feed the soil naturally, by tilling leftover plant matter back into the soil. They catch rainwater in large tanks, which they use to water their crops through the summer and therefore do not take from the local rivers. They further support their local ecosystem with a diversity of crops, native grasses, a natural shelter belt, fruit trees and geese.

When asked why he puts all the hard work in, Jos says, “We grow healthy organic food that tastes better and is better for you.”

RECIPES USING Four Corners Organics

Butterbean & Veggie Noodle Salad
Spiralised carrot and courgette noodles tossed with butter beans, summer tomatoes and an apple cider vinaigrette. Complete the dish with torn fresh mozzarella and parsley for a light carb free weeknight meal.      
Grilled Courgette, Beet Burger & Haloumi Salad
A simple warm salad for weekday evenings. All the tasty components are grilled with good quality oil to enhance their flavour. Fresh homemade courgette dip adds a little Mediterranean feel.
Miso Citrus Super Slaw
Perfect for summertime, this miso citrus super slaw is packed full of raw nutritious vegetables. Coated in a wonderfully zesty, savoury dressing and topped with fresh avocado and hemp seeds, it’s a tasty meal any day of the week.