Our Gardens

We are passionate about providing the best our land can produce.

Our gardens span over 70acres throughout the Hawkes Bay, and here we grow organic kale, lettuce, beetroot, carrots, onions and silverbeet depending on the season. 

For anything that we cannot harvest ourselves, we work with local growers to source the best available organic and spray free fruit and vegetables from around New Zealand. We build long term relationships with farmers in areas of the country that are best suited for growing each crop. 

Most of what we source is certified organic, however, where this isn’t possible due to supply and transitioning farms we choose produce that is grown using organic methods. We won’t use anything that we think has come in contact with synthetic pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, so you can be confidently assured that in choosing Vegebox you are choosing the highest quality produce available. 

We do source bananas from trusted growers overseas, however, we are committed to offering a wide range of fruit and vegetables delivered to your door with the least amount of food miles possible. 

Why support local and regional food systems

Protects Our Land

When we buy local produce, we support local farmers and give farms a reason to stay undeveloped.

Nutrient Rich

The less time that passes between farm and table, the fewer nutrients fresh produce will lose.

Fresher For Longer

Local crops have less distance to travel, so they'll start fresher for longer once they reach your refrigerator.

Carbon Conscious

Choosing food that doesn't travel long distances promotes less pollution and a lower carbon footprint.

Supports Our Communities

Knowing that our food has a story, and that buying it supports the livelihood of a local family makes it even more enjoyable.