Our Organic Certifications

You can trust our organic accreditations.

Chantal has the seal of approval from New Zealand's best known organic certifiers, and our farmers ensure they maintain the highest standards of organic production.

When a farm is certified organic in New Zealand, it’s a process of up to three years, with a management plan created and an audit carried out. To maintain their certification the producer must continue to record proof of material inputs like seeds and fertiliser, management practice, and sales.

Our Organic Certifications

Chantal is certified by AsureQuality for the goods it manufactures. AsureQuality started over a century ago as part of the New Zealand government Department of Agriculture to give farmers scientific advice. Today it provides food safety and biosecurity services globally, with organic certification offered to organic producers, processors and retailers in a wide variety of industries.

Our Organic Certifications

As well as developing standards for organic businesses, it also has a range of certification modules tailored to different sectors. Its mark is licensed by over 650 clients around New Zealand and the Pacific. The BioGro certification is used by Chantal farmers.

Our Organic Certifications

OrganicFarmNZ is an organic certifier that also aims to educate regional communities about organic production principles. The organisation is designed for smaller producers and supports location food production. Its certification system is made up of peer review and audit.

Certified Organic

Chantal Naturals

Chantal organics is our largest and most popular range.

These fully certified organic products include nut butters, tahini, coconut oil, canned beans, flours, tomato products and more.

We make every attempt to provide the highest quality food products and are working towards supplying a fully organic range. When organic certification is just not possible due to transitioning land and processing facilities, we provide an all-natural alternative clearly differentiated by our gold logo.

Our intention is to provide honest, whole food to people around the world. We are committed to supporting healthy and sustainable farming practices and we believe that the health of our soil lays the foundation for a nourishing food supply.