Homemade, Eco-friendly and Edible Gift Giving

Give a meaningful gift this holiday season, with homemade goodies full of wholefoods and love. 

There’s something special about receiving (and giving) a homemade gift. The care and time spent in the kitchen make them a treasured gift that simply cannot be bought in a store. Pack your edible goodies in upcycled jars for a truly sustainable gift. Find some festive inspiration below along with some of our favourite recipes.  

  1. Homemade baking is at the top of the list, as everyone loves a sweet treat during the holidays. We recommend something a little different such as Vegan Mini PavlovasSalted Caramel SliceTahini Fudge or a Rosemary Lemon Cake.  Package them up in an upcycled biscuit tin or in a stainless-steel lunchbox for a gift that keeps on giving.
  2. If you’re after a healthier gift, pack a special lunch for a friend or colleague, put a ribbon around it and give it to them in the morning. The surprise will put a sparkle in their eye and a fresh, healthy lunch will power them through their day. This make-ahead plant-based Gado-Gado Bowl is a guaranteed winner!
  3. For the friend who likes to celebrate the holidays with a celebratory tipple, this simple Christmas Gin with a personalised touch makes for a very festive G&T.  
  4. Homemade mustard, jam, jelly or pickle can be made early and given to just about everyone on your list. Condiments make the perfect gift for the host and are a delicious addition to any summer entertaining platter. This Christmas Chutney recipe from Nigella Lawson is wonderful with Christmas Day leftovers.
  5. Give the gift of Fairtrade chocolate, whether it’s in fudge, cookies or on its own, everyone loves chocolate. Pair this Vegan Hot Chocolate with a carton of plant-based milk.  

Homemade Treats that look Fabulous in an Upcycled Glass Jar

Chantal Organics glass jars are perfect for upcycling, making a simple peanut butter jar into eco-friendly, festive packaging! Simply tie a ribbon around the top, wrap with twine or have the kids paint it.  

  1. Healthy, wholegrain popcorn quickly turns into a moreish and festive gift with this amazingly delicious Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Caramel Popcorn recipe.
  2. A jar full of caramelised or roasted nuts is the perfect gift for someone who loves to nibble. This moreish Hemp Heart, Nut & Seed Cluster recipe is suitable for your paleo and vegan friends too. 
  3. Rise and shine with a homemade muesli or granola. This festive Christmas Spiced Granola looks and tastes amazing! 
  4. Holiday TrufflesEnergy Balls and Chocolate Bites are easy to make, plant-based and if rolled in strawberry powder look festive too.  
  5. For the dedicated baker, a sourdough starter kit is a thoughtful and appreciated gift. 
  6. Another baker’s delight is homemade vanilla extract. In a small jar, simply soak two vanilla beans for each 50ml of vodka. Attach a tag with instructions: Shake a couple times a week, for 4 weeks. Check your local resale shop for a small, thin jar.
  7. Create a unique Baking Kit. Using your favourite recipe, fill a jar with all the dry ingredients and add a tag with instructions for preparing. This Paleo Bread recipe is easy and tasty, making it perfect for someone new to healthy baking. 
  8. What about a gift for the dog lover? Make wholefood dog treats for a special doggie bite.

If time is running out, put together a ‘foodie’ gift basket with healthy, plant-based foods by Chantal Organics such as Turmeric Tamari Roasted Almonds, smooth Almond Butter, omega-rich Hemp Hearts or Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  What will you give this year? 

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