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Chantal Organics  NEW Tahini

Chantal Organics Tahini Family

Chantal has the best range of Tahini made in New Zealand.We have many varieties to choose from, so whats the difference?Hulled Tahini: Smooth, creamy and bitter sweetA very versatile tahini with a mild flavour that is lightly nutty with a hint of sweetness. Use in cooking, baking, smoothies, dressings, dips, sauces, in Middle Eastern or Asian […] Read More

Italian Organic Tomato Family

New Members of Our Tomato Family

Using three generations of tradition, organic sun ripened Italian tomatoes and the flavours of Italy, we have created three classic new Sauces. We have combined Italian organic tomatoes and basil, to create a classic Napoli sauce to compliment any recipe. Our rich velvety Passata gives pure tomato flavour without texture. Finally our Pizza Pasta sauce is full of authentic Italian […] Read More

Chantal New Look Lids!

The Chantal new Lids are all part of the development of a company and flavour that has been family owned and run for over 30 years. These lids will be rolling out on all jars that we make right here in Napier and reflect the essence of the where we have come from and our […] Read More

New range of Eco Friendly Cleaning.

NEW Chantal Clean Eco Cleaning Range

Chantal is proud to bring you the NEW ‘Chantal Clean’ range. Formulated from simple plant based ingredients, Chantal Clean products provide powerful, safe cleaning solutions for around the home that are kind and gentle to your skin, greywater and septic tank friendly; reflecting our commitment to the environment and to your well being. Currently available only in […] Read More

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

RAW Apple Cider Vinegar

  Chantal Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is RAW, Unpasteurized, Organic, Contains the Mother and made in New Zealand from New Zealand apples. What a mouth full. Hopefully so much more. ACV is a powerful health tonic, great food enhancer and essential pantry companion. ACV is a traditional product made from freshly crushed apples that are […] Read More